Wingerworth Seal

wingerworth hall seal from the sideThis seal, allegedly dug up in the area of Wingerworth Hall in the 1940’s, includes the wings of a cockatrice which may connect it to the Hunlokes and a dagger being held aloft. A Dagger was often meant to represent Justice and Honour. At present the seal needs to be interpreted by someone with a deeper knowledge of such items.wingerworth hall seal bottom

A seal was a device for making an impression in wax, clay, paper, or some other medium, including an embossment on paper the original purpose was to authenticate a document.


wingerworth hall seal frontA seal is used to make an impression in for example wax, clay, paper, or to make an embossment on paper.
Originally this was a means of authenticating a document or maybe a package holding valuables or other objects.

The seal-making device is also referred to as the seal matrix or die; the imprint it creates as the seal impression (or, more rarely, the sealing). If the impression is made purely as a relief resulting from the greater pressure on the paper where the high parts of the matrix touch, the seal is known as a dry seal; in other cases ink or another liquid or liquefied medium is used in another color than the paper.