Wingerworth Hall Mug

Wingerworth Hall Mug: In 1904 the estate passed to Sir Philip Perceval grandson of Prime Minister Spencer Percival the only British Prime Minister to have been assasinated. Like his aunt he assumed the additional surname and arms of Hunloke. Pearson’s pottery were commisioned to produce commemorative mugs to mark the occasion and these were distributed to family, tenants and friends.28

The fawn stoneware mugs do not have handles and show a white relief of the hall and a cockatrice, the Baronet’s coronet and crest with PH 1906.


This mug has the number 53 on its base.

wingerworth hall mugwingerworth hall mug

wingerworth hall mug bottomA second mug is numbered 56½ and is obviously of a lesser qualitywingerworth hall mug

wingerworth hall mug

wingerworth hall mug bottomBoth mugs are stamped with the maker’s mark pearson pottery stamp